Monday, 28 December 2015

Michiru's Holiday Haul <3

Hello dearest everyone!!! it's been a while, sorry for the long waits >_<
today I'll post about my holiday haul ( christmas + new year!!) 

The best thing about the end of year is... there're always a LOT of discount.. sales everywhere XD haha.. 

So, here're some stuffs I got : 

1.) Masami Shouko make up box
I've been wanting this thing for quite a long time.. hmm, I finally get one though!! 
Great design, so portable and elegantly cute.. 
couldn't be happier >__< this is a new product and I got a 30% disc.. so the price is around idr 700k from idr 1m 
>___< now I don't have to worry about my messy make up anymore, it's all tidied up.. and I can always bring my make up everywhen and everywhere I want to!! 

2.) New shoes from prettyFIT 

Pardon my feet.. .__." It's super duper comfy though.. the most comfortable wedge heels I've ever wear..

3.) A set of new O.P.I nail polish+ nail remover
My mom just surprised me today.. she brought me my favourite brand of nail polish ever!!! XD *I'll make an article about it on the next post 'kay?! 

Thank you for reading.. stay tune for the next post..
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2016 !! 
Enjoy your holidaaayy! :*


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